Public discussions

The recent past of the profession involves many historical landmarks. The date of 10 April 2012 will certainly go down one of the most significant dates for professional chartered accountants. 32 chartered accountants received the certificate of the first specialist members of the profession’s regulatory body. 

The new specialist members also received a book that includes some of the projects presented by the chartered accountants which were approved by the panel of each speciality in the public exams. It is an OTOC publication which can be downloaded in PDF format.

"Public Exams of the Speciality Colleges” Book  

Public exams

Olga Silveira became the first specialist of the Institution. In her public exam, on 14 December, within the scope of the Public Accountancy College, she was unanimously approved by the panel comprising João Carvalho, president of the College, Avelino Antão and Vítor Simões. This was the first of several exams that will be held at the Association’s premises, in Lisbon and Porto, for the different speciality colleges. Given the major symbolism of such acts, the public discussions are open to all members interested in attending



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