Income Taxes


José Alberto Pinheiro Pinto, President of the Speciality College of Income Taxes, under the terms of article 21 of the General Regulations governing the Specialities, for the purposes outlined in article 24-A of the Statutes of Chartered Accountants, approved through Decree-Law no. 452/99, of 5 November, with the changes introduced through Decree-Law no. 310/09, of 26 October, in accordance with the delegation of powers, hereby announces that in a meeting of that college approval was given to the Regulations of the Speciality College of Income Taxes and the Written Exams Programme to which article 13 of the General Regulations of the Specialities refers.
As such, the respective publication is attached:
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Composition of the College: 
Pinheiro Pinto (President)
Avelino Antão (Member)
Leopoldo Alves (Member)

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