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Revista Contabilista, the Association’s magazine, is the foremost means of communication between the Association and its members. It has existed since April 2000. Among its content, we highlight the news about the association, an in-depth interview with a personality from the accounting and taxation area and technical articles.

Revista Contabilidade e Gestão (Accountancy and Management Journal) is the only scientific journal in this field in Portugal, which results from the contribution of national and foreign researchers. It is published on a biannual basis and is available online.

The Association also has general publications, which it releases at various frequencies. An example is the Anuário Financeiro dos Municípios Portugueses (Financial Year Book of Portuguese Municipalities), an x-ray of the financial health of the councils and municipal companies, which is on its eleventh edition.

Focused on the change in the accountancy paradigm, the regulatory entity of the profession also published the book POC versus SNC, in 2009.

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