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Message from the President

Dear colleague

Today we begin a new cycle in our profession and professional order. A cycle in which we intend to create a better quality of personal and professional life for all certified accountants.

In my speech, which I have been able to consult in full here, I have presented the main lines of action of my team for the next four years.

I would like to stress at the outset our determination to change the relationship between the Order of Certified Accountants and their members and, at the same time, to reposition the certified accountant with the political power, the Tax and Customs Authority (TA), the business fabric and civil society.

It is our priority to work with the Secretariat of Fiscal Affairs for a rapid and effective reorganization of the fiscal calendar, as well as the definition of rules that safeguard the accountability of accountants in the face of the malfunctioning of the Finance Portal.

On the other hand, with civil society, we want to be synonymous with certainty, quality and rigor, which will only be possible by strengthening confidence in the financial statements published by companies.

We want, in short, to dignify the profession, improve its knowledge and training and affirm the accountants to the companies and entrepreneurs, aware that we are faced with gigantic challenges and that the future can not wait.

Finally, I invite you to consult here the new composition of the social bodies of the Order. It is a young and united team that will do everything to meet your expectations.

Best regards

Lisbon, March 6, 2018

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